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RoboticDrones.us was founded in 2012, is a division of Planetime specializing in drone software research and development. We can provide custom Airframes, mission planning  payloads, maintenance, software, regulations, data collection.  Our engineers and management have the experience you need can help your organization build custom applications that can provide a complete range of training, support and logistics services to enable unmanned aircraft technology within your organization.  We also developed an online retail solution for almost everything you need for drone building and testing.

We believe in providing not only the best products but also the best support and service to you our customers. If you don’t already know our motto is best drone parts for your buck and we’re proud to offer you exclusive deals and promotions just for you and low cost flat rate shipping for $1.50 for all products shipped in the USA.  Also 98% of all our products are warehoused in the USA for fast 1 week delivery using USPS postal service.   Non USA stocked products delivery time average 3 weeks and will be noted on the products specifications page.

We are not out just to sell you products and services.  We also believe in educating  you on all aspects of drone theory and building practices by using the best online tutorials from Painless360 productions and RC model Reviews.  Various Tutorials will be located next to the product specifications for you in order to familiarize your self with the product before purchase and to also ascertain your skill level for integration into your drone project.

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